Peaches & Cream Cake voted Best Dessert in Northern Cincinnati

>> Wednesday

The results of the food show are in and Alreddy Cafe won best dessert last weekend at the Taste of Northern Cincinnati Food Show.

Who Voted?
People like you.

What was the dessert?
Peaches & Cream Cake
served warm with whipped cream
topped with powdered sugar & cinnamon

Have you tried it?
You should!

Click here for pictures and more about the food show


Alreddy Box Lunches for the whole office

Looking for a place to order lunch for the office? Alreddy Cafe offers a fresh and healthy alternative to the "same old thing."

If you would like to order box lunches for your workplace please call and make your order at least 24 hours before (for orders of 10 or more) so that we have everything we need ready to make your lunches!

Box lunches include:
Your choice of sandwich or wrap
Bag of chips
(or a fruit cup)

Don't forget we can deliver right to the office!!

Just give us a call at 513-563-4550 or send us a fax us at 513-563-1695


Tips for our on-the-go customers

>> Monday

As most of you know Alreddy Cafe can also serve you at our drive-thru window. But did you also know that you can call your order in ahead of time and then pick up your breakfast or lunch order without the wait?

If you want to give it a try just call us ahead at (513)563-4550 and we will have your order 'alreddy' without the wait!

What does Alreddy Cafe have to offer for a drive-thru breakfast?
Fresh baked muffins and scones
Whole-wheat peanut butter and granola wraps
Fresh fruit and cream cheese wraps
Breakfast sandwiches
Egg wraps
Yogurt parfaits
Protein smoothies


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